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HVAC is a great career choice, especially for those who enjoy challenging mechanical work and can’t imagine sitting behind a desk every day. Becoming an HVAC technician means acquiring a great deal of knowledge and skills, as the job comes with a lot of responsibility. To help with the learning process, we decided to form a partnership to create HVAC Programs, a comprehensive resource for future HVAC technicians.

We’ve designed this website to be a resource for you as you plan out your career’s beginning stages. The information compiled here will help you find training programs in your area and learn about local regulations and salaries. Armed with this valuable information, we hope you will be able to make the best choices for your future.

We founded and contributed to this page strictly out of a desire to promote our career as a viable option for future tradespeople. The writers and contributors to this resource have no financial interest in this website or any institutions and organizations highlighted within. We are thrilled that you are considering joining our ranks of colleagues, and it is our distinct pleasure to assist you on your journey and welcome you to your new career.

Pete Bos

Editor and Writer

Pete Bos is a mechanical engineer and part-owner of a company that designs, installs and maintains HVAC systems. Pete appreciates the technical nature of the work and the dual challenges of managing a staff and keeping his company in the black. Pete and his wife, Patrice, live in Oklahoma, where they enjoy spending time with their grown sons and brand-new grandchild.

Amie Quinonez


Amie found her way to an HVAC career entirely by accident after working as an office assistant for a contracting company. She is grateful for the opportunity to learn HVAC skills and enjoys her time working in the field. A quintessential Californian, Amie loves the sunshine, Disneyland and surfing.

Kevin Turner


Kevin has worked as an HVAC technician for the past 18 years and has never considered another career. As a recent transplant from sunny Florida to upstate New York, Kevin is still getting used to winter and has gained a new appreciation for indoor activities. He’s thrilled to have rediscovered his love for writing and has decided it almost makes up for all the shivering.

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